In the world that has increased its pace so much, and in which everything is a constant change, it seems worthwhile to distinguish the essence of particular phenomena from driving forces behind them. To understand what really matters, and what only pretends to be important, to know what is losing and what is gaining momentum.

In this world one should get access to a wise perspective that will allow for riding on the right wave, or for inducing it on one’s own to swim as far as possible.

We are here to help you achieve that.


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4P is a research agency delivering not only data, but also solutions. We help business make decisions that bring about energy and change.

Based on 15 years of experience, synthesis of knowledge from various categories, constant attempts to integrate our individual experience, to combine consumer perspective with cultural insights, we can together with our Clients create salient and relevant brands, as well as unique experience for people, consumers and employees.

Our work is about providing knowledge and solutions that will help our Clients make the best use of the change potential – to leverage the change in the brand environment, its contexts or within the organisation; or to design a change that is to generate value.

We know how to do it, because we milk as much business-actionable knowledge as possible.

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